Alpin Edelweiss Drops

Significant support for skin care from the inside

  • have strong antioxidant properties
  • Alpine Edelweiss Extract is a natural antioxidant (1.35 times more effective than vitamin C)
  • help protect human skin against free raids (UV radiation, cigarette smoke, etc.)

Alpin Edelweiss

  • strong antioxidant properties
  • softens the skin
  • promotes healing of the skin and skin tissues
  • has cleansing effects, helps to heal acne and other skin problems
  • supports the treatment of frostbite
  • has a positive effect on the joints


We founded Kerees in 2016, the main impulse was to go our own way after more than twenty years experience in the fields of production of food supplements, cosmetics and sports.

What does it mean for us to go our own way? Above all, we take full responsibility for all products that we produce and which are given to our customers under our brand Kerees. We have under supervision the development, production and distribution of our products.

Our goal is to come up with something new, but „new“ in a different meaning than the term is often understood. We do not prepare „new“ molecules in laboratories that we would present as miraculous. We are rather looking for traditional herbs that have been successfully used in the past in different parts of Europe – for example Dandelion Root extract, Alpine Edelweiss, Cranberry or Thyme. We combine these herbs and turn them into easily accessible forms such as lozenges or a gentle cleansing gel for the intimate hygiene.

Many great products and ideas are often born and developed coincidentally. However between the idea and final product there is a long way full of efforts. When this effort leads to the successful end, happy customer, that is the most satisfying and motivating feeling. In addition, we are completely open to all kinds of ideas and suggestions - we are happy. Would you like to see a product with some „forgotten“ herb? Or would you like to cooperate with us in any way? There is nothing easier than contacting us. Write us or give us a call.

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